Frequently asked questions

  • What is ununi.TV?

    ununi.TV is the beginning of a hands-on university for adults. Online, on the Internet. Everyone can join and take action. We bring all interested parties on board. Live, interactive videos are at the center of our productions. We do not embrace the broadcasting model and develop our videos collectively instead. Our main objective is how ways of life can be sustainably designed in the 21st century. With our approach, we create more questions than answers, because today’s answers often take the shape of suitable questions.

  • Who is our target group?

    People who want to, or have to, live unconventionally. And all those who still need something else to accomplish: new know-how, like-minded people providing inspiration, ideas and the kick-off that many of us are looking for. Our message is addressed to all the people living beyond the ordinary workflow and outside normal workspace: Freelancers, independent workers, self-employed individuals and part-time. Or all others, who want to start something new.

  • What’s our purpose?

    We want to enable people to share their experience and to become members of a large movement of the creative commons. Through networking, participants collaborate towards alternative solutions. Our aim is to eventually enable members to gain revenue via the platform itself to some extent.

  • What kind of content?

    All kinds of content which helps people share their experiences and everyday needs. There are no thematic restrictions. Everything is allowed – except defamatory and obscene material, of course. The audience is the jury and the beating heart of the community. Together we create a “tool box” created to test new live video formats and interactive workshop models.

  • How to join in?

    You can buy a membership to get access to the Lounge, the actual community. Within the community is where we collaborate to define the fundamental targets for the future of ununi.TV. By pushing pilot projects we experiment with interesting Live-Video-Series and exemplary FLOWCAMPUS packages. We have already started  working and we welcome those who wish to collaborate. The aim is to expand the existing educational system with a new component.

  • What’s the business model?

    A network organization with an open video portal for the public. And a closed community area for members only. Within the community members can acquire skills to become video experts and are given  the opportunity to present their own offerings on ununi.TV with or without customer payment. We charge a one time fee for lifelong membership including access to our growing internal qualification units. For the services our members are selling via ununi.TV, a little commission is charged.

  • What ‘s the meaning of the "un" in front of "uni" ?

    Initially, we wanted to create a lifelong barcamp – and informal barcamps are describing themselves as un-conferences, because the most important thoughts and ideas are being communicated outside the conference room, by the coffee machine or on the floor. The keynotes are just the conference teasers motivating people to attend. Thus, these informal talks became the rule of barcamps. People are talking about topics and themes they want to discuss with each other and that’s why they come together. That’s also the principle of ununi.TV – just like barcamps are made for people looking to extend their personal life-long learning journey, alone and together with other like-minded men and women. Thus we are combining the new internet communication tools with this purpose: people are qualifying themselves by doing. We support them in their background. At the end, they are able to collaborate and participate on a level playing field where everybody becomes learner and teacher. This is the end of the traditional role playing.

At the moment, we focus on german language. But actually, there are some video sessions conducted in English.

Please have a look.

Reaching the next level

 And have fun!

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